This is a website born (borne?) out of boundless love for Doctor Who. And made with nanogenes. Only not really.

I’m so nuts about Doctor Who that I want my rotating desktop backgrounds on work and personal machines to feature all of my favorite moments, recent and long gone.

I’ve loved the program for decades, but I haven’t loved most screencap sites. They seem to be generated in an automated fashion, so I have to wade through mountains of images I don’t like to attempt to find the moment I want. Too frequently, the moment I want wasn’t captured, falling somehow between the cycles. So, this means harvesting screencaps myself.

If I’m going to the bother of doing this for me, why not share?

These were compiled over a long period of time, on a variety of machines from a variety of video formats. Consequently, there’s a lot of variability in image size, compression, and quality. There are also gaps where images have been lost due to loss of equipment or storage media. As time goes on, I’ll be filling in the gaps with new images and replacing poorer images with better freshly-captured ones.

Please don’t link directly to these images from anywhere!
By all means download and enjoy, but linking directly can cause problems with the hosting. Thanks!

— Spring

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