There’s Something On Your Back

I didn’t grow up with Pertwee and previous Doctors. The PBS network in Mississippi broadcast only Fourth and Fifth Doctor stories for the longest time, and eventually a few Sixth, but by that time, life was getting in the way. I haven’t been able to catch many early episodes since then. Therefore, this still that I spotted in a DVD extra feature on disk 2 of Genesis of the Daleks took me entirely by surprise:

There’s something on Sarah’s back! If you’re like me, this is what immediately comes to mind:

Turns out the still is from Planet of the Spiders, the adventure wherein the Third Doctor dies. The thing on Sarah’s back is the Queen of the Eight Legs, a race of mutants descended from Earth spiders. The screencap is from Turn Left, wherein Donna’s entire timeline has been altered by a Time Beetle, which feeds off temporal flux. Far as I can tell, the only things they have in common are the tendency to ride on human backs and the ability to remain generally invisible. Still, interesting.