Why I Love This Picture: Hello Dalek

This image is currently my random desktop on the right-hand screen. It gives me chills because I do imagine. I imagine that I am dying and afraid and a long, long way from home and I look up to see the most frightening thing that centuries of my culture have conditioned my people to fear. Mythic fear. Apocalyptic fear. Massive, massive fear. Just the mention of the name makes people roll backwards in reflex, eyestalks swiveling. And he’s standing over me in my last minutes, and my weapons are offline. And he wants my data core. I’d be shrieking too.

Crafting Eye Drives

Google “eye drive” “how to” sometime and find some funny stuff. However, there was one result that did have some bearing on my search. Over at the RPF there’s a thread on fabricating eye drive replicas via various means, most of which I don’t understand at all. But their efforts do look cool. Way to go, folks!

I have no idea how I might attempt this, but it certainly has bumped the Time Lord costume and Bitey the Cybermat down the list of proposed crafting projects. I’m thinking of being a member of Amy’s team (who we never find out the name of, do we? Area 52 Troopers?) for Halloween. I know where/how to score/fabricate most of the gear. Although I am probably not doing the kneepads. They look ridiculous and what are they supposed to be for? At least in this image they look okay; in some of the others they occur everywhere but the knees.

Miscellaneous Notes

Experimentation, notes about various episodes, and an epiphany about the fixed point.

Ok so I just wrote a huge long private post containing the plan for the experiments that I mentioned in my big long whine. Not going to publish it because it’s long and boring. But, like the Cylons, I Have A Plan!

I went to the library early yesterday so I could spend the day downloading with their massive bandwidth, only to discover upon arrival that I forgot all the accessories to the netbook, to include requisite cables. It had been a horrendous journey to get there – wet and cold and full of fellow-driver peril – so I opted to stay at the library all day and read. Which was nice.

Today was meant to be a do-over, but the massive bandwidth turned out to be ridiculously small. Ludicrously small. So I’m sitting in the library using my 4G modem to suck these down at modest speed, which is better than no speed at all, but which I could have done anywhere but at/near home. And there was the weather and the peril again. Well, phooey.
So, while that’s on – I really need to learn to take notes when things strike me. For instance, I noticed the first time I saw The Girl Who Waited that the noise going on while the Doctor is rummaging around in his toolbox sounds a lot like the Tom Baker-era Doctor Who theme music being played backward. But I keep forgetting to write that down, and it never makes it into this blog. Until now. I wonder if anyone has an audio file of that bit they can run backward and see. Or have already done so. If I’ve noticed it, surely more hardcore fans than I have noticed also.

Let me also add my voice to the general din about how much I love what happens to my eyeballs and their associated brain parts when watching The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. The people in the podcasts are attributing this to the direction of Nick Hurran. If indeed this is all his doing, he’s just become my favorite director ever.

By the way, did you notice that the hotel doors had no locks?Even in the 80s hotel doors had locks and locked automatically when the doors closed. However, given what the hotel turned out to be, it’s completely in character for there to be no locks, even for a hotel that’s an exact replica to the last detail. It has to let you find your room, right?

Lots of fuss in the podcasts over the Cybermen in Closing Time being Cybus Industries Cybermen, and how did they get there and stuff. But they’re not. Have a good look at their chests. They are the Mondas-origin Cybermen, same as the ones in the Cyber Legion who get a visit from Rory in A Good Man Goes to War. Some folks actually spotted those but missed Craig’s. Weird. If identity is important enough for a person to make a fuss over, wouldn’t it be important enough to notice?

Speaking of podcasts, downloading a fresh batch now. Haven’t been able to get a set since the ones all about Closing Time. Really looking forward to how they liked this episode, or disliked it, and especially looking forward to the Blogtor Who Commentary on it. Those things are hysterical.

About the fixed point – I had an epiphany that I bet you got days ago. The definition of a fixed point is that what happened must always be what happens. No matter how often that point is revisited by anyone, it has to have always occurred.

Dorium said something that got me thinking. He said the location chosen for the killing “makes it easier to create a fixed point”. The operative word being “create”. The fixed point wasn’t some organic item in the flow of time; it was created. As a party involved in the creation of it, the Doctor opted to show up inside the Tesselecta, so what happened, what always happened, was that River shot the Tesselecta.

The fixed point was mislabeled. The fixed point was observed and reported that Melody Pond kills the Doctor, because that’s all anyone knew about it. The actual fixed point was that Melody shoots the Tesselecta.

Of course that means the Doctor was enacting a wild-ass guess when he said, “Time said I had to be there.” Time said the Tesselecta had to be there. Although, probably, time said everyone who was there had to be there, so it’s sort of moot.

The Wedding of River Song Screencaps and Yet More Thoughts


Screencaps for The Wedding of River Song are up.

Raw caps

Finished caps

1920 x 1080

My first time capturing at this resolution. The images are over a megabyte each. Some are more than two. I don’t know what that’s going to do to my hosting over the long run. May have to reconsider my format options.

Had to accept a few blurry caps to get any at all of certain moments. All of my caps of the balloon cars sucked hugely.

Also these are a little jumbled in places where I went through a scene, figured I missed something, backed up, and went through again. They’re localized jumbles; nothing’s severely out of place.

Human vision is amazing. To look at a sequence with seemingly perfect clarity and discover it’s simply a clever collection of blurs is astonishing.

Also, I should probably make it a policy not to do a review until there’s been sufficient time to digest the material. I took many more notes through subsequent watchings and in the capping process that should really have gone into the review. Hence, this post is categorized with the review categories as well.

Spoilers …

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Big Finale Teaser Time!

And thus begins all the excitement for the big finale next week. Via Glassman comes this video with the post-episode trailer:

And he also supplied me with this set of images from The Wedding of River Song. I have to confess the beardless dwarf and Knitting for Girls have me quite intrigued. I’ve already heard some of the speculation on the metal eyepatch that everybody’s wearing now. Because eyepatches are cool. But really they’re not – I’m amblyopic and had to wear one for months when I was a kid. Well, I might have liked it better if it were all metal and streamlined and stuff. Some eyepatches are cool; that’s as far as I go.

So this next week is probably going to be chock full of speculations and videos and things. Hee!