Screencaps – The Parting of the Ways

Screencaps for The Parting of the Ways are up. Considering how low the definition is on the entire first series, it’s a bit amazing that I wound up with 145 final caps.

Tomorrow is Trock Tuesday! I expect the next nine-ish months to be fairly fertile for the trock (Time Lord rock) sub-sub-sub-genre. The music type was born during the big dryness right after series four, where there were just a few specials for 2009 and fans had a lot of time on their hands. With Harry Potter inspired wrock (wizard rock) as a template, it sprang out all over. By now many of those links are dead, but people are still producing. As I find them, I’ll be bringing them to you.

More info about Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways below the jump.

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