Stuff I Missed, and Other Stuff

I was so busy two days ago, I totally didn’t get to post this prequel, which is fantastic!

This is probably my favorite of all prequels ever. Hands down. And I really can’t wait for the episode. I need to find out who’s got BBC America so I can ask to borrow their TV and see it in realtime. What I’d really, really like to do is arrange a viewing party but I still haven’t found that many fans in the area. They seem to be a bit closeted or perhaps just unconnected. I hope the Meetup group helps with that a bit. The hard part is getting word of the Meetup group around … So far we have 2 people, and one of them is of course me.

Dig this replica of the coat Amy Pond acquired on the pirate ship in The Curse of the Black Spot. Alien flu-mucus not included.

Recently unearthed: plans for building a Dalek sent from the BBC to a fan.

The twitters are going nuts about the upcoming DW console game The Eternity Clock about which this teaser trailer has been posted. It is a teaser, so there’s not much substance in, but it’ll give you an idea of the graphics, I suppose.

It was all aflitter a few weeks ago about The Gunpowder Plot, about which I negligently did not post. I wanted to see it myself, but download is restricted to the UK, so such folk as me have to purchase it. I don’t really do digital-type game things, so that’s more than I’m likely to ever do. But I do hear good things about it.

Site news: just got done capping the last of Series One. So now I have fresh raw caps of all of these slated for weeding and subsequent posting:

  • The Curse of the Black Spot Apparently I did this one already.
  • The Doctor’s Wife
  • The Rebel Flesh
  • Boom Town
  • Bad Wolf
  • Parting of the Ways

Every time I predict a when for this, I get derailed, so I’ll just say that it’ll be soon as possible. Normally I post reviews and screencaps all in one blow, but time constraints mean that one may hold up the other, and that’s not cool, so the pattern may change a bit.