Amazon Unbox, Still

Looks like around 70% or more of my video library is DRM damaged and has to be re-downloaded. I haven’t even looked at the HD files yet, this is just the SD. I’m having to inventory these a few at a time.

This is going to take forever.


On the good news front, very much loved The Power of Three and very much looking forward to The Angels Take Manhattan. Must have large supply of hankies ready. It’s Moffat. It’s going to hurt. A lot.

Update: re-downloading these episodes is not diminishing my number of available downloads, so that’s a good sign. Apparently the Amazon interface can recognize my computer as the same one that downloaded them the first time, so it still counts as only 1 of 2. Whew.

Also I suspect that the problem may be related to drive letter, the same way that the failures to download were. I think the episodes with damaged DRM actually have the info stored, but are linked by drive letter, and those episodes may have been downloaded when the external drive was E instead of D. That’s my guess.