Fresh Screencaps for The Almost People

Screencaps for The Almost People are posted. More info about The Almost People in the TARDIS Index File.

Raw Caps: 361
Finished Caps: 99

I had suffered a setback that ruined the last batch for The Almost People so they had to be done again.

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People.

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Lots of Screencaps Posted

Just posted:

Screencaps for Boom Town

Screencaps for Bad Wolf

Screencaps for The Christmas Invasion

Screencaps for The Rebel Flesh

I didn’t overlook The Parting of the Ways, but the folder of images didn’t get weeded right away, so it should be ready next.

More information about all of these below the jump.

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Why I Love This Picture: The Almost People

There are two ways that I choose these, depending on why I’m posting. Method 1 involves catching sight of my random desktop and feeling moved to post what’s there. Method 2 involves feeling like posting an image, so I hit up the gallery and look at the random image in the menu to the left. Fascinating, right? I know.

This is Method 1.

For one thing, Rory and Amy (okay Arthur and Karen) are just beautiful people. It’s hard not to continually snap pics of them. Here there’s also pain, worry, and disbelief. Skinny Amy’s having contractions. She’s going into labor, and these two haven’t quite worked out how that can be, just yet. Things are about to get scary and sad.

First Post

(First posted 13 August 2011.)

Good heavens, I wish I’d done this ages ago. As the upload goes on, huge gaps are apparent where once there were beautiful screencaps. These things happen as time wears on and computers and various storage media break or go missing. Be assured, I’ll go after them again!

Added today: