Buried with the Yale Key … and My Remaining Lives

Bonus points if you know the lyric.

I was one of the fans who objected quite a lot when the current series started back up in 2005 and I saw this:

That’s not a TARDIS key!!! This is a TARDIS key:

Then I saw Spearhead from Space:

Well, well, well. And it doesn’t end there. Here are two collections of TARDIS keys that show more variety still:

When I get a bit of time, it’ll be fun to look around and see if any explanations have ever been offered as to why the key changes.

By the way, some newer viewers have asked me who it was whose passing away had caused the Doctor to stop running from his own death in The Wedding of River Song. That’s him in the upper part of the third image, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.