Space and Time – Coming Soon!

Squee-squee-squee! I am next in line to get Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series from the library. (The irony that I’m linking to an Amazon page is not lost on me. I’m on a budget here.) The person ahead of me has a due date of the 22nd.

I have all these episodes from Amazon Digital, but what I don’t have are the Space and Time shorts that are in the DVD extras. I also don’t have any of the Night and the Doctor shorts. I’m even thinking about capping the prequels … which opens the can of worms containing the Tardisodes from Series Two … hmmmm. I really liked them, and have to wonder now if they are in the DVDs for that series.

Anyway, I also can’t get any disks from this set from Netflix – no idea why, but they only carry Series Six, Part 1 and Series Six, Part 2. I loved Space and Time and can’t wait to get them into my gallery properly.

First Post

(First posted 13 August 2011.)

Good heavens, I wish I’d done this ages ago. As the upload goes on, huge gaps are apparent where once there were beautiful screencaps. These things happen as time wears on and computers and various storage media break or go missing. Be assured, I’ll go after them again!

Added today: