Random Desktop and Why I Love: Tesselecta Time

I frequently suspect random desktop of not being that random. Too often does it serve up two images from the same episode, and that bothers me. This time, any annoyance is overridden by the actual images selected. Like many others in the Why I Love series, the oranges in these go over big. On the right-hand image, I really like the perspective and composition. In the left, I like the use of orange to illuminate the captain in the mostly dark interior. In both I like the use of purple with orange.

Why I Love This Picture: Let’s Kill Hitler

New feature: Why I Love This Picture. The purposes are several. One is to sqee all over a randomly (or sometimes nearly so) selected image. Another is to share what makes a picture lovable to me and encourage others to share their own feelings. A third is to identify what shouldn’t be here. If I can’t squee over a random picture, it probably shouldn’t be in the collection.

Today’s random image:

It’s totally about the facial expressions here. These people are dismayed. Maybe bewildered. They are confronting something they really did not expect when they woke up that morning. And each face has something a bit different going on with it. I think Amy’s got a bit of disbelief and anger going on there. The Doctor – maybe that’s trepidation. Rory’s got bafflement. I could just go on and on looking.

Timey-Wimey TV And Let’s Kill Hitler

So, for some reason Doctor Who fans are not at all thick on the ground up here in Utah as they are in South Florida, so I don’t get much opportunity to discuss current episodes with the people around me during the course of a series. To help fill in the gap a bit I downloaded a bunch of podcasts from Timey-Wimey TV. Today I listened to the episode that includes Let’s Kill Hitler.

Thoughts and spoilers …

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Let’s Kill Hitler Screencaps

Screencaps are up, though a glitch in the upload caused some images not to be in order, which is the case in a few other places in the gallery as well. Sorry!

Let’s Kill Hitler

The final yield for this episode was 243 images. Without spoilering too much, there were a couple of scenes where I got several similar images because the changes in nuance were really big – changed whole meanings of the images. I don’t usually do that, but if I can look at two similar images and get radically different feelings from them, they deserve to be distinct on my desktop.

The gallery is now up to 1980. Wasn’t that a bit of a strange year?

Matt Smith On Attack Of The Show

Brief interview with Matt Smith about Comic-Con and where he’d like to see Doctor Who shot in the future.

By the way, still winnowing the 1350 Let’s Kill Hitler caps. Getting a bit impatient with myself. I mean really there are some fantastic moments in there. I’ve already snatched and cropped a cap of the “my bespoke psychopath” moment to post to my Facebook because it was just too tender and insane.