Memory, Webcasts, and Animations

Something’s been nagging me since the first time I saw Closing Time, since I saw this moment right after the Doctor finds the Cybermen spaceship. I’ve seen this silhouette or something like it before, and I think it was in Scream of the Shalka, a Flash animation done in the dry years before RTD, and therefore starring Richard E. Grant as the ninth Doctor rather than Christopher Eccleston.

I could be wrong. Frequently am. But it’s a good excuse to watch Scream of the Shalka after work today.

Doctor Who Webcasts also includes Shada, which has some production history behind it, for the more geeky sort of fan who cares about that sort of thing (and sometimes I do), as well as Real Time, which I don’t remember seeing here before. It’s got Colin Baker, so I may have inadvertently blocked it from memory. Shada, however, contains Paul McGann who via Big Finish audio plays featured heavily through the dry years and, I hear, holds tenure as the longest running Doctor. Interesting if true. Although Big Finish isn’t canon so maybe it doesn’t count.

Since we’re talking animations, thought I might include links to Dreamland and The Infinite Quest, two Tenth Doctor stories made available for CBBC, but neither is available there any longer. The linksĀ precedingĀ give a bit of info about them for the curious, and maybe they’re DVD extras somewhere or otherwise obtainable. Although in the case of Dreamland, when I had it, I preferred to listen to it with the video off. It wasn’t pleasant to look at. By the way, The Infinite Quest has Anthony Stewart Head! If you don’t know any of his other work, you still might remember him as the headmaster in School Reunion.