Today for Lunch: Doomsday

  • Big fighting. Mayhem and destruction. I like that.
  • “Daleks have no concept of elegance.” “This is obvious.” Hehehehehe.
  • Oh poor Yvonne. She was dislikable but I feel bad for her as she steps into conversion.
  • Yay Pete Tyler! And putting the Doctor in his place, too.
  • So if the Ark is Time Lord technology, why’s it got a Dalek doorknob?
  • “Pete Tyler, I knew you when you were dead.”
  • Polycarbide? What about Dalekanium?
  • Jake and Mickey are so BAMF.
  • Ok Daleks measure time in rels but they measure area in square miles?
  • Pete Tyler is such a BAMF.
  • Ridiculous nobody asks the Doctor why he keeps putting 3d cardboard glasses on.
  • Yay for Cyber Yvonne!
  • You know, the direction Rose has to push the lever is directly opposite the pull of the Void upon her body. How’s she even standing up? It would have made more sense for the levers to go the other way.
  • Oh the big, big heartbreak. Oh the unspoken words. Oh Donna!
And thus ends the Battle of Canary Wharf and the Doctor’s time with Rose. Sniffly sniffle. What do you think?