Survivors of Particular Wars

In case you’re wondering what they’ve been through …

Spiridon – In his third life, the Doctor leaves the Daleks entombed in ice.

Kembel – In his first incarnation, the Doctor turns the Daleks’ own weapon against them, rapidly aging them to death.

Aridius – In his first lifetime, the Doctor merely escapes Aridius without doing that much damage to the Daleks. Maybe one of the survivors in the Asylum is the incredibly stupid Dalek who rolled over the Doctor’s coat covering a hole in the floor.

Vulcan – In his second incarnation, the Doctor destroys the Daleks taking over the human colony by overloading their power source.

Exxilon – In his third life, although the Doctor struggles against the Daleks and their plan, it’s actually a human Marine officer who destroys their ship.

The screen Oswin is looking at seems to also mention a Renbew but I haven’t found a reference to it.

I find it interesting that there are no references to more recent conflicts. It makes me wonder whether there are no survivors, or whether those survivors are kept elsewhere.