Today for Lunch: Army of Ghosts

  • Had forgotten how well Jackie and Ten get on by now. She smooched him!
  • Ghostbusters act – horrible, embarrassing! Love the reptile backpack, though.
  • Poor Jackie, so afraid for Rose. There’s nothing wrong with changing.
  • Oh, was this the start of his allons-y? How nice!
  • Nice to see Freema Agyeman in her earlier role, before playing the cousin, Martha Jones. In-story, I wonder if Adeola’s face (or fate?) imprinted on him and that’s why he noticed Martha in the first place.
  • LOL for the standing ovation.
  • “I’ll show you where my ankle’s going.”
  • I don’t like how the Doctor doesn’t notice Rajesh. That’s not like him. Big fan of regular people, he is.
  • Yay! Secret agent Mickey Smith! And so capable!
  • Poor Jackie once more. No chance to see her dead dad, it was never him at all.
  • Oooo I’m getting chills. Cybermen everywhere.
  • “Mickey Smith, defending the Earth.”
  • Daleks! Woo hoo!
Can’t wait for tomorrow. Smoochies!