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Captured with love and nanogenes.

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  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Seven

    1628 myndir in 4 undir flokkar

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Six

    3581 myndir in 31 undir flokkar

    The Time Lord who never wanted his TARDIS to go domestic now has adventures with a married couple. And you know what generally comes next.

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Five

    2699 myndir in 19 undir flokkar

    In one of his less disastrous regenerations (apart from setting his vehicle on fire), the Doctor gets a powerful craving he can't name. Enter tiny Amelia Pond to fix him a snack. Big adventures follow.

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Four

    2182 myndir in 19 undir flokkar

    The Doctor discovers he just needs a mate (in, of course, the British sense of the term). He finds one in the Runaway Bride Donna Noble. Really, they're not into each other.

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Three

    2504 myndir in 14 undir flokkar

    Our lonely and hearts-broken Doctor tries to carry on, having snagged a brighter-than-average medical student for one single trip. It gets complicated.

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series Two

    2389 myndir in 14 undir flokkar

    Having freshly regenerated, the Doctor is eager to prove to Rose that he's still himself, even if he is a whole new man. New adventures and radical changes for the duo and for sometime companion Mickey.

  • Modern Doctor Who - Series One

    1321 myndir in 14 undir flokkar

    Wherein we meet a lonely traveler with a penchant for trouble who acquires a down-to-earth sidekick with an appetite for adventure.

  • Doctor Who - The TV Movie 1996

    164 myndir

    Yes, it was dreadful. But it was also stuffed full of eye candy, especially a completely new take on the TARDIS interior. Sometimes I go back and watch it with the sound off. Sadly, the DVD didn't offer widescreen, and the video quality was not what I'd hope. (1024 x 600)

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 26

    231 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    The Doctor and his explosives-loving buddy have adventures that force her to face her troubled past.

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 23 - The Trial of a Time Lord

    225 myndir in 4 undir flokkar

    The Doctor is on trial for his life for the offense of interfering, but something fishy is going on.

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 21

    95 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    The Doctor's stick of celery is intact, but his friends keep leaving. How long can this go on?

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 17

    149 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    The Doctor and Romana evade the Black Guardian with the help of a randomizer. Although the TARDIS can be rather random without one.

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 15

    173 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    The Doctor continues to travel with a savage who has learned to respect science. How long will she stay?

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 14

    193 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 12

    148 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    Having regenerated into his madcap "teeth and curls" fourth incarnation, the Doctor begins adventuring with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan.

  • Classic Doctor Who - Season 1

    57 myndir in 1 undir flokkur

    Two schoolteachers with an odd pupil investigate her situation. They are swept away on adventures they could not have imagined.

  • Bonus Images

    6 myndir

    Screencaps that are unsuitable for desktop use, or portions thereof. Any sizes.

  • Desktops From Elsewhere

    235 myndir

    Gathered ones that I like, mostly from BBC or BBC America. Some are fan created. Attribution is in the filename, and I'll be hunting down those names again to give attribution in links.