Why I Love This Picture: The Big Bang

Hi honey. I'm home.

This is a warm, warm image. It’s orange, my favorite color. It’s a moment of sweet calm in a frightening emergency. There’s a fez. There’s a phone. There’s this man rescuing a woman he still barely knows, about to lose her life in an explosion that’s ripping the entire Universe apart. And yet look at that face. How can I not love this image?

Why I Love This Picture: Aliens of London

This is one of those perspective shots that I just can’t resist. Plus it’s really orangey (favorite color), and I happen to rather like Mickey, although this is early days for him and he hasn’t become a hero yet. He’s full of hurt at his girl being taken away from him by this highly impressive alien, who’s just insulted him for asking a stupid question.

Why I Love This Image: World War Three

Here’s Jackie Tyler, up until recently sure that Mickey Smith has been involved with the disappearance of her daughter. A few wild events in the space of a few hours and presto! He’s just rescued her from a big green being with ridiculously long arms, and she’s sneaking around behind the police with him. Things can change on a dime. And suddenly, you can trust people you didn’t expect to.

Why I Love This Picture: Let’s Kill Hitler

New feature: Why I Love This Picture. The purposes are several. One is to sqee all over a randomly (or sometimes nearly so) selected image. Another is to share what makes a picture lovable to me and encourage others to share their own feelings. A third is to identify what shouldn’t be here. If I can’t squee over a random picture, it probably shouldn’t be in the collection.

Today’s random image:

It’s totally about the facial expressions here. These people are dismayed. Maybe bewildered. They are confronting something they really did not expect when they woke up that morning. And each face has something a bit different going on with it. I think Amy’s got a bit of disbelief and anger going on there. The Doctor – maybe that’s trepidation. Rory’s got bafflement. I could just go on and on looking.