New Snowmen Trailer?

I am not very gruntled at all at the moment. My twitter feeds are telling me that there is a new Snowmen trailer right here with more details but 1) I can’t get it to play and 2) I can’t find it anywhere else, particularly not on youtube nor BBC America’s site.

Update: Turns out this is the trailer they meant – not a Doctor Who trailer but a Christmas trailer about all of the BBC’s offerings this year.

Mixed feelings about the snogging. Must there always be snogging? I like snogging but I’d like my Doctor to be a teensy bit harder to get.

Now for something completely different, balloon TARDIS.

Susan Tyler and a Teaser Trailer

I come late to all the parties. A teaser trailer for Series Seven was posted four days ago and I completely missed it until today, when I tripped over a photoset in Tumblr that looked a lot like trailer images.

I LOLed. Now I’m sure everyone will have done trailer analysis by now and we’ll have all sorts of theories that’ll prove wrong.

Since I’m laid up in bed with the Mongolian Death Flu today, I actually do have the patience to wait out things loading a handful of bytes at a time through my two-dots-out-of-ten (or sometimes one) Internet connection.

It’s not Clear’s fault I live in a dead zone.

A little more recently is a buzz developing about the name of the new companion. I didn’t find any official release yet, but IMDb is listing Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character as Susan Tyler. Which, of course, has people assuming it’s the daughter of Human Doctor and Rose in Pete’s Alternate Universe. Maybe. And maybe they’re as related as Sarah Jane and Mickey Smith.

 Edit: I tend to forget that IMDb is publicly editable. The attribution was likely a flight of fancy. It’s since been removed.