Hiatus … and Marriage

Marriage - Doctor and River

The Doctor and River Song

Hallo, Planet Earth. Bit of a brief involuntary hiatus – I got married, thankfully not nearly as suddenly as the Doctor did. And in conjunction with, I’m moving, so that means my workstation is entirely in bits and pieces. Not conducive to maintaining a website. Hopefully this should be straightened out before long.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit more marriage …

Thin Fat Married Gay Anglican Marines

Thin Fat Married Gay Anglican Marines

Amy and Rory

Amy Pond and Rory Williams

John and Joan

John Smith and Joan Redfern

The Cassinis

The Cassinis

Sir Robert and Lady Isobel

Sir Robert and Lady Isobel

Jackie and Pete Tyler

Jackie and Pete Tyler

Yes, I know the best ones on marriage are probably from The Angels Take Manhattan, but I haven’t capped that one yet.

Piwigo Again

I updated Piwigo at its own urging about a week or so ago, and I just now discovered that obtaining the high resolution version of my images by clicking on the web version has been disabled all over the whole gallery. Getting screencaps is the entire raison d’etre of the site!

Investigating urgently how to fix this. In the meantime, I’m sorry!

Oh, and it nuked my favicon again too. Every time!

Edit: okay it’s still possible to download the high-res versions, just more obscure. You have to click this icon:

This is a lot less convenient than clicking on the image to get the high-res version, so I am still working on this, but at least it’s available. Again, sorry!

The Queues, and Other Changes

It’s become increasingly difficult to adhere to the queues, and I’ve mostly stopped doing it, which bothers me. That process may have become too boring. So, changes have occurred to provide more variety sooner, although the ultimate goal remains to have caps of every episode I own or have access to by the big anniversary push next year. Whee!

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve stopped providing summaries in the reviews. I’m just not getting enough joy out of that task. It takes quite a long time to create a summary that is neither too terse nor too tedious, and I’d really rather spend that time capping. Instead I have been linking to the Wikipedia files on the various episodes, but I’m finding the TARDIS Index Files much more fun, so those will be going in from now on.


So I discovered not long ago that the last two sets of screencaps, The Ultimate Foe and the second time around for The Almost People, were both afflicted by a likely side effect of stop-and-go capping. A sizable portion of random images in the sets somehow got capped at 1680 x 1050 instead of 1920 x 1080. Probably due to frequent stopping and unplugging the netbook from the big monitor to go do various things, and then the resolution failing to revert properly upon being plugged back in.

Huge sigh. I don’t really feel like going slowly through The Almost People a third time, and it’ll be awhile before I have the 4th disk of Trial of a Time Lord again. So what’s likely is that I’ll re-queue the former for the next pass around, and weed the latter to post anyway in a spirit of some-is-better-than-none.

The larger problem is that I don’t have a good space for capping. My living space has … challenges. Back wrenching painful ones. And several variations on hiding out at work are meeting with much less success than desired. More sigh.

Happy New Year!

Out! Out, evil yuckiness! I got a wicked cold right after Christmas that turned into a major production number, so being bedridden and mostly unconscious has impacted my opportunities for doing fun things and posting about them.

However, I received this, the coolest Christmas present ever!

It is indeed bigger on the inside, as you can see here:

Made by lovely and clever Tabitha. Love it!

I finally have the entirety of the 2005-present run of Doctor Who on my external hard drive. Legal and everything. I made a playlist, and the whole thing, not counting any prequels or minisodes, comes to 88 episodes for a runtime of 69.9 hours. Fantastic!

I have learned knitting (not biplanes) and am currently working on a scarf inspired by the 4th Doctor’s. Later I will do a for-reals replica involving one of Tara Wheeler’s wonderful patterns, but that can come after I’m better at it. Right now my edges are all wibbly.

My Wordboooker plugin seems to be broken or de-configured. Something else to figure out what the heck if I ever get the time. So if you’ve been relying on Facebook to tell you when I’ve posted, I’m sorry.

In the lovely world of videos, BBC America has posted these top 5 moments of Series 6. For the most part, I agree with their selections, especially #1.

Speaking of America, here are Graham Norton and friends being surprised at American Doctor Who fandom as described by Matt Smith:

And speaking of Matt Smith, here’s a video that proves the man can act. I truly do believe you could hand him a stack of recipe cards and he’ll show you a gripping saga. This is the minisode that students competed to write, and while it’s fun, it’s obviously what it says on the tin. That doesn’t stop our Matt from acting it beautifully.

And here are “What are you doing here?” moments from the beginning through 2008. I’d love to see this updated through Wardrobe – there was even one in that!

And this T-shirt made me LOL:

Still Not Dead

Although it’s hard to tell my status as a living being from the update frequency of this blog. I completely blame my workplace. I normally blog during breaks, lunches, and right after I clock out. Due to recent emergencies, I haven’t gotten much for breaks or lunches, and being on-site without being on duty is a bit deadly.

I’ve got several draft entries serving as repositories of links and thoughts, especially about music, but also about snow Daleks and other such things. I did recently set up a tumblr to give that a go, since sharing tumblr things with tumblr people is a lot easier from a tumblr account than from WordPress.  I’m finding it a teensy bit tempting to just direct the domain name to the tumblr account and give over WP entirely. It’s absurdly fast and easy to use, especially with photographs.

For some reason, tumblr was all nuts yesterday (or was it today? these days are forever long and chaotic) about David Tennant’s puffy coats. Go figure.

Stuff I Missed, and Other Stuff

I was so busy two days ago, I totally didn’t get to post this prequel, which is fantastic!

This is probably my favorite of all prequels ever. Hands down. And I really can’t wait for the episode. I need to find out who’s got BBC America so I can ask to borrow their TV and see it in realtime. What I’d really, really like to do is arrange a viewing party but I still haven’t found that many fans in the area. They seem to be a bit closeted or perhaps just unconnected. I hope the Meetup group helps with that a bit. The hard part is getting word of the Meetup group around … So far we have 2 people, and one of them is of course me.

Dig this replica of the coat Amy Pond acquired on the pirate ship in The Curse of the Black Spot. Alien flu-mucus not included.

Recently unearthed: plans for building a Dalek sent from the BBC to a fan.

The twitters are going nuts about the upcoming DW console game The Eternity Clock about which this teaser trailer has been posted. It is a teaser, so there’s not much substance in, but it’ll give you an idea of the graphics, I suppose.

It was all aflitter a few weeks ago about The Gunpowder Plot, about which I negligently did not post. I wanted to see it myself, but download is restricted to the UK, so such folk as me have to purchase it. I don’t really do digital-type game things, so that’s more than I’m likely to ever do. But I do hear good things about it.

Site news: just got done capping the last of Series One. So now I have fresh raw caps of all of these slated for weeding and subsequent posting:

  • The Curse of the Black Spot Apparently I did this one already.
  • The Doctor’s Wife
  • The Rebel Flesh
  • Boom Town
  • Bad Wolf
  • Parting of the Ways

Every time I predict a when for this, I get derailed, so I’ll just say that it’ll be soon as possible. Normally I post reviews and screencaps all in one blow, but time constraints mean that one may hold up the other, and that’s not cool, so the pattern may change a bit.

About “Monsters and Wank” – Particularly “Wank”

So one of my comments for Blogtor Who Commentaries was bleeped on the podcast. The bleeped word was “wank”. This caused me some disquiet. I’m not upset at Sandy and Cameron, not at all. I’m a little upset at me. Maybe.

I don’t mind being a bit rude, but I do mind being more than just a teensy bit offensive. I don’t really want to cross the bleep barrier. And it’s really weird when you belong to a language/culture group that goes around appropriating other people’s words and using them willy-nilly, as my language/culture group does.

When I was homeschooling my boys once upon a time, one exercise we did was giant post-its on the walls of the dining room whereupon we categorized types of offensive speech. Blasphemy was there. Profanity was there. Racial slurs, rude words, and other expressions that will get your ass kicked.

I don’t think “wank” or “wanker” were on any of the lists, but I still think in these categories. On my mental post-its, these words are slightly higher than “crap” and “ass” but a bit below “douchebag” on the “rude words” list. I have to now wonder if they belong on the “profanity” list, along with the f-bomb. By the way the f-bomb is one of my favorite words in the universe, but you’re not likely to catch it here, because of what list it’s on and what other lists I’d like this site to be on.

In context, this word was originally chosen by another person to convey the idea that some emotional content in Doctor Who is there simply to gratify the parts of the human brain that want it, not to necessarily further the plot or theme or whatever aspect of a TV show one would describe as its value. The idea is that some emotional content is gratuitous. The “monsters and wank” rating is supposed to serve as a warning for people who hold similar opinions or otherwise are allergic to too much touchy-feely.

Is “wank” rude or is it profane? Should this rating be called something else? If so, what? I thought about calling it “monsters and crap” but while that maintains the worthlessness concept, it loses the desirable gratuitous stimulation aspect, and that’s sort of key.

Screencaps Update

I have not given up screencapping! Heaven forfend! In fact I have screencapped the crisp HD versions of The Doctor’s Wife and The Rebel Flesh. However, Thanksgiving and a major crisis at work have severely curtailed my time lately so the raw caps are sitting around, waiting to be weeded. I can’t wait to post them! They look so amazing compared to the fuzzy, blurry, compressed versions.

Also, this go-around marks the start of syncing up with Blogtor Who Commentaries. I have my handy-dandy rented copy of Boom Town right here and here’s the just-released Blogtor Who Commentary for that episode, which I will be enjoying tonight as well.