Wow, this is really elaborate. elaborate tattoo - links to original page

These are a bit more my style.

gallifreyan text - click to follow

gallifreyan text - click to follow

Haven’t a clue what any of them say, though. The second one I know is the Seal of Rassilon from the comments, but that still doesn’t tell me what it says. Could research it …

I’ve posted this before, but in case you missed it, here are some more elaborate Doctor Who tattoos.

Edit: Er, no, this is the seal of Rassilon and I feel stupid. No idea what that second tattoo is then. Hope it doesn’t say something like, “Stupid human didn’t check the translation.”

Fun Stuff

(First posted 17 August 2011.)

Hey, look!  It’s a TARDIS corset. You know, for those days you feel a bit opposed to wearing your Dalek dress.

In other news, a recent romp through the net for samples of Old High Gallifreyan script turned up this rather intriguing page of tattoos.  The sample that charmed me:

If I can find an alphabet or lexicon, I might get one of these myself. Ever so pretty!

If you have an image editor, you can issue yourself a Gallifreyan passport, for grins and giggles.

Finished screencapping Aliens of London, World War Three, and Dalek last night. Now for winnowing and conversion, and these can be posted here very soon!

Also coming soon is a more bloggy interface, which will really help on multiple-post days and faciltate linking directly to articles.

And another item tripped over today: the police box fez. Coy of Fez-o-rama not to mention exactly who it is that considers both fezzes and police boxes as cool.