Peek at New Interior

The fandom-verse is vibrating. Via many multiples of sources comes this image of the alleged new TARDIS interior to be revealed in the Christmas special:

I don’t like it.

That’s not accurate. I do like it. I don’t like it on the TARDIS. I’m wildly in love with the copper and hex part-steampunk interior as it is now. Am not at all ready to kiss it goodbye, not in the least. I am Miss Pouty-Face about the very idea of replacing it yet, long, long before I’m tired of it.

With a Cherry on Top

lostgirls97‘s uncle built this TARDIS for use out and about around Minneapolis. This is probably the best TARDIS in the wild I’ve ever seen a picture of.

click for bigger

I am assuming the spoon and cherry are behind it rather than somehow emanating from it. Although that would be cool too.