Same Gun? No Banana!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing makes me think of love quite like River Song. Unless it’s Jack Harkness. Maybe love isn’t quite the right word.

Earlier this week news was released that veteran prop-maker Nick Robatto would soon be making available officially licensed replicas via his new company Rubbertoe Replicas. These include Dalek death rays and nice smooth Shakri cubes. Since then, I’ve been looking at Jack’s sonic blaster (known colloquially as a squareness gun) and River’s squareness gun (not at all referred to as a sonic blaster). Forum lore has it that both guns are one and the same, that Jack leaves his behind on the TARDIS where River subsequently finds and appropriates it.


Jack’s Sonic Blaster – Series 1 – The Doctor Dances


River’s Squareness Gun – Series 4 – Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

Turns out forum lore is right. The product description mentions that Moffat confirmed the postulation and once I started looking for it, the quote was easy to find, as it comes from the commentary to Forest of the Dead. River’s since customized it, which is no surprise.

Shame I’m not just made out of money, though. These are about 370 pounds a pop. Right this second that means about 580 US bucks. Yowie! They do offer more affordable items. Onward to Rubbertoe Replicas.

What else do Jack Harkness and River Song have in common, besides a vortex manipulator? Both have been victim of a swap-the-gun-for-a-banana gag.

50th in 3D … and in Cinemas?

LetsKillHitler-sitting-tuxThe rumors are flying about the recent release of news that the 50th anniversary special will be in 3D. It was tried once before for Dimensions in Time, which I hadn’t seen until yesterday. It was dreadful.

Along with this news, The Guardian is reporting a claim, ostensibly on the part of BBC’s controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson, that the special will be shown in cinemas. It’s The Guardian; I tend not to believe.

Next Possible Showrunner?

tobywhithouse_610At Emily Asher-Perrin speculates on a possible candidate to take Steven Moffat’s place as showrunner when his run winds down. I’ve heard in years previously that he could be grooming Mark Gatiss for the spot, but that was prior to the explosive success of Sherlock. It would be no surprise if Gatiss’ focus were to remain there. So look here to see who Emily’s bet is. For what it’s worth, I’d approve.

Susan Tyler and a Teaser Trailer

I come late to all the parties. A teaser trailer for Series Seven was posted four days ago and I completely missed it until today, when I tripped over a photoset in Tumblr that looked a lot like trailer images.

I LOLed. Now I’m sure everyone will have done trailer analysis by now and we’ll have all sorts of theories that’ll prove wrong.

Since I’m laid up in bed with the Mongolian Death Flu today, I actually do have the patience to wait out things loading a handful of bytes at a time through my two-dots-out-of-ten (or sometimes one) Internet connection.

It’s not Clear’s fault I live in a dead zone.

A little more recently is a buzz developing about the name of the new companion. I didn’t find any official release yet, but IMDb is listing Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character as Susan Tyler. Which, of course, has people assuming it’s the daughter of Human Doctor and Rose in Pete’s Alternate Universe. Maybe. And maybe they’re as related as Sarah Jane and Mickey Smith.

 Edit: I tend to forget that IMDb is publicly editable. The attribution was likely a flight of fancy. It’s since been removed.

Tumblrverse Uproar

The denizens of tumblr are losing their collective minds over two bits of stuff tonight:

  • Unconfirmed reports that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the Master for the 50th anniversary.
  • A possible reference to Let’s Kill Hitler on the Oscars.

I haven’t even looked at twitter yet, but I bet it’s in pretty much the same state.