Space and Time – Coming Soon!

Squee-squee-squee! I am next in line to get Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series from the library. (The irony that I’m linking to an Amazon page is not lost on me. I’m on a budget here.) The person ahead of me has a due date of the 22nd.

I have all these episodes from Amazon Digital, but what I don’t have are the Space and Time shorts that are in the DVD extras. I also don’t have any of the Night and the Doctor shorts. I’m even thinking about capping the prequels … which opens the can of worms containing the Tardisodes from Series Two … hmmmm. I really liked them, and have to wonder now if they are in the DVDs for that series.

Anyway, I also can’t get any disks from this set from Netflix – no idea why, but they only carry Series Six, Part 1 and Series Six, Part 2. I loved Space and Time and can’t wait to get them into my gallery properly.