Screencaps – The Parting of the Ways

Screencaps for The Parting of the Ways are up. Considering how low the definition is on the entire first series, it’s a bit amazing that I wound up with 145 final caps.

Tomorrow is Trock Tuesday! I expect the next nine-ish months to be fairly fertile for the trock (Time Lord rock) sub-sub-sub-genre. The music type was born during the big dryness right after series four, where there were just a few specials for 2009 and fans had a lot of time on their hands. With Harry Potter inspired wrock (wizard rock) as a template, it sprang out all over. By now many of those links are dead, but people are still producing. As I find them, I’ll be bringing them to you.

More info about Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways below the jump.

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Lots of Screencaps Posted

Just posted:

Screencaps for Boom Town

Screencaps for Bad Wolf

Screencaps for The Christmas Invasion

Screencaps for The Rebel Flesh

I didn’t overlook The Parting of the Ways, but the folder of images didn’t get weeded right away, so it should be ready next.

More information about all of these below the jump.

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Why I Love This Picture: Aliens of London

This is one of those perspective shots that I just can’t resist. Plus it’s really orangey (favorite color), and I happen to rather like Mickey, although this is early days for him and he hasn’t become a hero yet. He’s full of hurt at his girl being taken away from him by this highly impressive alien, who’s just insulted him for asking a stupid question.