River Song’s Timeline

From The Doctor Who Site comes an incredibly useful tool for matching up events in River Song’s timeline against the same events in the Universe timeline and the Doctor’s timeline. It includes Alex Kingston’s narration of River’s timeline from the final Doctor Who Confidential which aired 45 minutes after the episode.

If you haven’t seen her whole timeline so far yet, then there are spoilers.


(First posted 14 August 2011.)

Some tidying with organization today, arranging episodes into series folders in the gallery. The more recent version is listed as Doctor Who 2005 while the classic series will be under Doctor Who 1963. So far:

In all likelihood, I’ll continue capturing in Series One, interspersed with Series Six as episodes begin again, with the occasional foray into the classic series from time to time. Next items up are Aliens Of London, World War Three, and Dalek.

While I’m working, I’m listening to everything Murray Gold over at Grooveshark. Oh. My. Goodness. Nobody’s music can make me cry like his.

Doctor Who Images

Now up to 602 desktop images of Doctor Who. Many are screecaps from the current and last season series. There are a few screencaps from the last couple of Tennant episodes, and the rest are official BBC desktops going all the way back to Hartnell. I wish BBC desktops in general didn’t suck so badly; then there wouldn’t be a need for all the screencaps.