Why I Love This Picture – Library Card

This is a great picture. I’ve come to really like Matt Smith, and I love moments like this that tie him into the greater continuity. Another such moment is in Vincent and the Doctor when he’s testing the identification machine, which also refers to the Hartnell image.

Here, this actually looks like a library card from 1963, typewritten. As an anachronist, I just eat this up. Here’s a zoom-in on the hi-def version:

Why I Love This Picture: Headbutt of Exposition

I don’t usually save images with a lot of blur, but I made an exception in this case because this here’s comedy gold. I knew it would give me a laugh when appearing on random desktop, and that happened today. I know what’s going on here, and that’s hysterical.

Additionally, there are all the details you can see: the sketch on the wall behind the Doctor with a snapshot in the corner, the radio and the digital clock from the last century, the scattered money on the floor behind Craig, the magnet-encursted fridge. And there’s one detail you can’t quite see here but it flashes briefly earlier when the Doctor is making magical tea: there’s a crack in the wall behind the trash bin. A familiar-looking crack. I find myself searching for it here, although the out-of-focus blur would never let it show.

So, so glad to have this image.