Uploads And A Video

Now uploaded:

Added a page to this site that explains my screencapping process, start to finish. I doubt it’s all that interesting, but it’s there anyway.

By the way, for classification and naming purposes, my reference is the Wikipedia list of Doctor Who episodes.

And now here are some amusing scenes from last series.

Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

Over the past two days, I’ve been watching the first four episodes of the Trial Of A Time Lord story arc, these four together known as The Mysterious Planet. This was a comeback for 6th Doctor Colin Baker after the show had been canceled for reasons undisclosed, and the trial theme was meant to reflect the show’s position itself as being on trial for its very existence. I don’t recall having seen these in The Olden Days (when I was sporting a permed mullet, no lie, and wearing a lot of turquoise besides) so this was a fresh experience for me. Continue reading