QOTD: All These Spaceships

 A fan asked what The Doctor would say about President Obama coming out in support of marriage equality, and Moffat answered: “You’d have to explain gay to him first. Then straight! Then why you were still talking when there’s ALL THESE SPACESHIPS!!”


Found while looking for articles about this:

I am happy and not at all surprised. She’s romantically flexible enough to date Nestene duplicates and androids after all.

River Song’s Timeline

From The Doctor Who Site comes an incredibly useful tool for matching up events in River Song’s timeline against the same events in the Universe timeline and the Doctor’s timeline. It includes Alex Kingston’s narration of River’s timeline from the final Doctor Who Confidential which aired 45 minutes after the episode.

If you haven’t seen her whole timeline so far yet, then there are spoilers.

The Doctor’s Rowdy Equal

Did you ever want to be The Doctor’s companion? I grew up with the longing, but I wonder if other people tend to imagine being a certain kind of companion, the way I did. Maybe I’m just weird.

I wanted to be Leela and Romana combined. I wanted to be his protector, his fighter, but I also wanted to be his equal. I wanted to sometimes be smarter than him. I wanted to be the same sort of creature he was. Only a lot rowdier.

You can see why River Song sort of weirds me out a little.