The Long, Long Scarf – Part 3

Fact I didn’t know: the 4th Doctor’s scarf is so doggone long because of a misunderstanding. Costume designer James Acheson dropped off a supply of various yarns to knitter Begonia Pope, asking her to knit a scarf for the new Doctor. Whatever may have been intended, what resulted was a 20-foot scarf that used all the yarn supplied.

I found this out at This site also includes patterns and information about creating your own.


The Long, Long Scarf – Part 2

Happy Birthday, me! I’ve yet again become a prime number, although officially I’m only turning multiples of 5 anymore, and this is the first year I’ll be turning 45. I’ll do this for a few years and then start turning 50. This reduces milestone shock significantly, let me tell you.

In honor of the occasion, I’m showcasing the author of my current project, The Witty Little Knitter Tara Wheeler (at left). Her site is where I get patterns and information for the long scarf I’ll be doing just as soon as I am done with the “inspired by” version upon which I’m making all my newbie mistakes. I can’t thank her enough for recommending circular needles, for instance. Advice that’s already incredibly valuable.


Wow, I haven’t come up for air for some time.  Been downloading HD episodes like a fiend and gathering the samples for the experiments mentioned earlier.  But hey, my T-shirt arrived today!

It’s not currently available, but there’s a vote button to bring it back.

Update: It’s now available at RedBubble.

So, these HD episodes look fantastic! I cannot wait to get some of the blurrier episodes redone. For some of the (visually) darker episodes like The Almost People, there’s a tradeoff: there’s quite a lot of speckling in the dark areas, but I don’t think that’s as bad as the rampant blur in the earlier caps.

Many of these look like they’d improve in a resize. Sometimes taking down the size of an image packs the pixels a bit and makes them appear sharper, so if I capture really enormous and then resize to merely huge, a lot of speckle ought to come out.  However, the tool I use for batch processing doesn’t include batch resize.  I may have to just give in and buy an image editor. Paint Shop Pro used to be my big tool back in the day, but that day was so long ago it was version 7. I no longer have the install disc, and that version might not run on my netbook anyway.