“A Boy and his Big Blue Box” Available Tonight


“A Boy and his Big Blue Box” goes on sale tonight at 8 PM US Eastern at the Tiny Bird Press web store.

  • Hand-printed serigraph by Rob Schwager
  • 19″ x 25″ on 100# French Speckletone paper
  • Printed with water based non-toxic ink
  • 11 screens
  • Signed and numbered edition of 130

Get the artist’s story here. I completely identify. But my granny wouldn’t use the pattern; my scarf was only two colors. She loved me though – she just didn’t understand.

Long Scarf Resources

I’ve posted before about the project of making a 4th Doctor long scarf (The Long, Long Scarf, Part 2 and Part 3). I remember seeing a comparison chart for the various incarnations of the Doctor’s scarf so you can see the various lengths and stripe differences. I can’t find that exact thing now, but in the process I did trip over this handy little tool to help you track the progress of your own scarf project, and this page accomplishes precisely the same thing I wanted.

scarf-o-meterI’ve almost run out of steam on my “inspired by” scarf project. This is the scarf that doesn’t conform to any official pattern and has lots of mistakes in it, as it’s what I’ve been learning how to knit upon. One thing I have learned is that the typical 60- or 66-stitch widths are way too wide for my liking. When I do my special scarf, it will have the right stripes and length but perhaps half or two thirds the width.

Here again are links to what look to me to be the two most useful sites about making the long, long scarf:


The Time Lord’s Companion – Handheld Sonic Device Second Class

Whoa, it’s been six days since I last posted?! This is how you know I am way too busy with lesser things. Unfair!

This pic has been all over the Intarwebs past few days. I know, because I went looking for its origin and found it everywhere.

1DD86Well, Redditor keelsc did find its origin. Here is the page that details the project. Now go and build your own!

More pics of the finished set below the jump.

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VortExtra looks like it’s shaping up into a really nifty project.

an ongoing project from the DWO Team, inviting some of the finest Writers, Authors, Artists and Illustrators to help expand the stories we all know from the Doctor Who universe by exploring the events before and after The Doctor’s involvement.

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