Piwigo Again

I updated Piwigo at its own urging about a week or so ago, and I just now discovered that obtaining the high resolution version of my images by clicking on the web version has been disabled all over the whole gallery. Getting screencaps is the entire raison d’etre of the site!

Investigating urgently how to fix this. In the meantime, I’m sorry!

Oh, and it nuked my favicon again too. Every time!

Edit: okay it’s still possible to download the high-res versions, just more obscure. You have to click this icon:

This is a lot less convenient than clicking on the image to get the high-res version, so I am still working on this, but at least it’s available. Again, sorry!

Oh Dear

I’ve just discovered a massive error, or rather a series of them, since I’ve been uploading higher resolution images. Not long ago I mentioning posting resolution sizes in the album descriptions and discovered, to my horror, that Piwigo was identifying my images at much smaller resolution than I was uploading them. I found a setting for “resize images” and turned it off.

Now the images in the gallery are way too large to see what’s in them on smaller screens, and I’ve been looking for how to make them display smaller, but allow the visitor to click through to the original large image. Turns out, that was the default behavior. The resolution that Piwigo lists below the image is the resolution of the web image, not the uploaded image, as I had expected. So, turning resize off screwed things up. Further, that setting is an on-upload setting, not a global setting. So to fix those pages, I’ll have to upload the images again, unless I can find some plugin or something to do it for me. Le sigh.

Therefore, the albums for all the new images for Series Five show the images way too large. My apologies, until I can fix it. What a chore.

That may also break some of the images in the posts as well, since I sometimes link directly to the image instead of uploading into WordPress. It’s going to be a chore to hunt them all down and fix them as well.