Open Letter to the Fandom Machine and What the Blog is For

Awesome Fan-Made Dalek

Awesome Fan-Made Dalek

This site is for posting hand-captured Doctor Who screencaps – there is more about the why in the Welcome page and more about the how in the Process page. The blog on the front page, however is for posting fun stuff I come across while generally being a fan and acting like one.

I’ve been disaffected lately because most of the news and hype surrounding the current series has been manufactured by professionals involved in the production, sales, and marketing of the show and just passed around by outlets and fans whole cloth. It’s off-putting. Some of the most charming things about the Doctor Who fandom are that it’s organic, unpredictable, and boundlessly enthusiastic. These qualities preserved the series for the long years it was off the air and made possible the miracle of the last seven years. The last thing this fandom should ever do is become a series of cogs in a machine.

I don’t like what I’m seeing, and the proliferation is making harder and harder to find “the good stuff” – the fan stuff that is about love and awe and joy in the delightful world of the Doctor. Stuff like the fan-built Dalek above.

There, I’ve said it. For months not saying it has kept me from saying anything at all.

Now that it’s off my chest, I’ll resume looking for the good stuff. Please keep posting it. You’re wonderful people and I love when you show it.


Reminder – Tomorrow is Stop the Silence Day

AKA Impossible Astronaut Day or Tally Mark Day et al.

tally mark dayTomorrow is the day!

By the way, it’s not my aim to freak anyone out. I live in a place where Whovians are deeply closeted, so I am “coming out” in favor of one of the most life-affirming cultural endeavors I’ve ever been exposed to. Doctor Who is good for you. Now, eat your broccoli.

To quote myself, a suggestion: there is such a thing as washable markers. Using a Sharpie might indicate a more serious commitment than warranted.

Promo Image – The Bells of Saint John?

Click for bigger

I suspect this isn’t the big midnight news, but it was released by BBCAmerica about an hour ago. Looks a bit dangerous, don’t it? And what the heck is the Doctor wearing? Love this image, though!

Only a month to go and far as I know, the title is still not released. It’s rumored to be The Bells of Saint John. We’ll see.

Edit: Yes and yes. Yes that’s the title and this is the news. BBC just posted.

Midnight Message

2-28-announceThat would be 5PM Mountain (where I am) and 7PM Eastern, US time.

By the way, my brand new sexy husband did battle with DirecTV and won me BBCAmerica! I’ll be able to get my fix realtime. This is teh awesome.


Jon Pertwee, Secret Agent

Third_DoctorFrom the Daily Mail, this article about Jon Pertwee’s exploits before his acting career. Do try not to cringe too much at references to “Doctor Whos” and “playing Doctor Who”. It’s still pretty nifty.

I did all sorts. Teaching commandos how to use escapology equipment, compasses in brass buttons, secret maps in white cotton handkerchiefs, pipes you could smoke that also fired a .22 bullet. All sorts of incredible things. It suited me perfectly as  I have always loved gadgets.

I’ve heard Pertwee described as the James Bond of the television series because of all the gadgets, but didn’t know this predilection had anything to do with his pre-television activities. Awright!

Next Possible Showrunner?

tobywhithouse_610At Emily Asher-Perrin speculates on a possible candidate to take Steven Moffat’s place as showrunner when his run winds down. I’ve heard in years previously that he could be grooming Mark Gatiss for the spot, but that was prior to the explosive success of Sherlock. It would be no surprise if Gatiss’ focus were to remain there. So look here to see who Emily’s bet is. For what it’s worth, I’d approve.

Help Send Model TARDIS into Space

DavidAllenDavid Allen wants to put a model TARDIS into actual orbit.

I come to the power of the internet to promote this noble cause. Axe is sponsoring a contest to send two people to ACTUAL space. I would like to win this contest in order to bring a small TARDIS with me and get it into real orbit. Please vote for my submission and share with others! What better way to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who than to get a blue phone box to the stars?

If you find this a worthy endeavor, go here to vote.