Matt Smith is Matt Smith

One of the things I just adore about Matt Smith is that when he’s not being the Doctor – or any other character – he’s being Matt Smith. Here’s someone who is just so completely himself, I can’t help but love it. Whenever I see him in interviews and clips from cons and stuff, he wins me over on his own delightful merits. That’s brilliant!

Aside: as an image junkie, I don’t like it when people take promotional pictures for various actors and stick them into story settings to pass them off as whatever character they played in that setting. Here’s an example pertinent to Matt:

This is not Matt playing the Doctor. This is Matt doing whatever he was doing at the time – I don’t even know if he’s in a character here or doing a modeling shot or what. It’s not about costume or makeup; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to recognize the Doctor when he’s wearing something else. It’s about acting.

Acting isn’t about saying words and doing actions. It’s about being someone else for awhile, and there’s a whole ball of stuff involved in that. Mannerisms, hangups, psychological stuff. A test of a really good actor, to me, is to take a picture of someone in character and someone out. The pictures should be different. If they’re not, they’re doing it wrong.

Wow, my aside took over the whole post. Back to the point, what made me think about Matt Smith being himself is this Q&A from MCM’s London Comic Con:

Matt Smith is a Kevin Thief

I was sitting on the BBC couch, trying to send a picture of me and my date Kevin the Dalek in front of the Step and Repeat to my friend Katy (who made Kevin for me) when someone behind me says, “Hey someone just stole your dalek.”

Confused, I look at my bag, where my date had been sitting, minding his own business, and he’s gone. I look back the other way and see Matt spiriting away with Kevin, wedged under his vest.

“NOO!! That’s Kevin! You can’t take Kevin!!”

He brought him back. At this point, I have no idea if he said anything to me because my brain caught up and was mocking me in a little voice: “Noooo! That’s Kevin! You can’t taaake Kevin!” and suddenly I had no idea who name what talk me?

Matt Smith, date-stealer.

I find this sort of thing amusing. Not least of all naming a Dalek Kevin.

Matt Smith On Attack Of The Show

Brief interview with Matt Smith about Comic-Con and where he’d like to see Doctor Who shot in the future.

By the way, still winnowing the 1350 Let’s Kill Hitler caps. Getting a bit impatient with myself. I mean really there are some fantastic moments in there. I’ve already snatched and cropped a cap of the “my bespoke psychopath” moment to post to my Facebook because it was just too tender and insane.