Import From LiveJournal

So after a hideous accident wherein I transferred eight years of LiveJournal posts (some of them formerly privacy screened and highly embarrassing in broad daylight), I have recovered the situation and now only selected Doctor Who related posts from my LJ past are appearing reposted here. These are all in the lj category.

There was some fun stuff in there. I do like the concept of Monsters and Wank, although Reebar is no longer pretending to like Doctor Who and I’m no longer accommodating him. It’s still kind of funny to evaluate episodes on how much they contain of two of the scariest things in the world:

  • Monsters
  • Emotional wank

By the way, I’d like a less offensive synonym for wank but am having trouble coming up with one pithy enough. I think you know what I mean – similar to drama but maybe a bit less manufactured. It’s easy to think of drama now as useless interpersonal conflict and that’s not what I mean at all.

Of course the word monsters may not be right either. We usually get people of lots of species, some of whom are villains, some of which might qualify as monsters. We don’t as often get brainless scary things.

I did just outright delete a lot of posts that were frivolous or cat-obsessed or naughty. You don’t need those, right?

Doctor Who Images

Now up to 602 desktop images of Doctor Who. Many are screecaps from the current and last season series. There are a few screencaps from the last couple of Tennant episodes, and the rest are official BBC desktops going all the way back to Hartnell. I wish BBC desktops in general didn’t suck so badly; then there wouldn’t be a need for all the screencaps.

Monsters And Wank – A Very Brief Doctor Who Episode Guide – Series 3

[info]reebar likes Doctor Who, but he doesn’t care for episodes with too much emotional wank.  He does like episodes with monsters, though, especially if the Doctor gets to be a badass.  Here are some very brief descriptions of Doctor Who new series episodes, starting with the most recent series.  Heavy on the pictures, but they help with the “oh, yes THAT one” factor.

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