The Doctor and the Devil

Good men don't need rules.

I don’t normally report on deep philosophical or literary discussions because this isn’t that kind of blog. And I don’t normally find those sorts of discussions in Reddit’s /r/doctorwho because it’s not that sort of subreddit. /r/doctorwho is normally for the fluffy and fun, the wowie and the cute. /r/gallifrey is where you put the esoteric stuff. And yet here’s an exceptional thing.

[Danger – all the following links contain spoilers if you are not caught up.] NoMoreMrSpiceGuy has posted this interesting thesis on the many allusions between the Doctor and the devil that have been made during Moffat’s run as showrunner. Not at all as dull as it sounds, and there are some intriguing ideas in there about what these allusions might mean and why. I don’t necessarily agree with all the points the author makes, but this is fun stuff to think about, and the comments are interesting too.

Bonus compatible theory – why the Doctor chose the name that he did, posted by silverraider525. I like this. Again, I don’t agree on every single point, but find the general assertion quite plausible.

Memory Jogger Tool at BBC

Deadly plants.I had not seen this before, but the BBC website has this tool that walks you through a process to discover what classic Doctor Who episode you’re thinking of. You start with a type of monster or a type of event and move on from there. Rather fun!