Reminder – Tomorrow is Stop the Silence Day

AKA Impossible Astronaut Day or Tally Mark Day et al.

tally mark dayTomorrow is the day!

By the way, it’s not my aim to freak anyone out. I live in a place where Whovians are deeply closeted, so I am “coming out” in favor of one of the most life-affirming cultural endeavors I’ve ever been exposed to. Doctor Who is good for you. Now, eat your broccoli.

To quote myself, a suggestion: there is such a thing as washable markers. Using a Sharpie might indicate a more serious commitment than warranted.

Daleks in Looney Tunes Cameo

Yesterday I posted about cameos of the Doctor in historical fiction novels. Today behold this cameo of Daleks in Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

Once Upon a Geek tripped over this scene while viewing with a stepson.

This movie was made in 2003, during the Doctor Who “wilderness years”. Meaning this film was released between 1989 and 2005, when the Doctor Who series wasn’t being produced.
It was a very pleasant surprise!