What Doctor Who is About

CF-TardisI realize you may have had enough of Craig Ferguson by now, but this quote is such a quotable quote ..

One thing is consistent, though, and this is why the show is so beloved by geeks and nerds: it’s all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.

I don’t think anyone has summed this up so completely and so succinctly.

Karen Gillan on Craig Ferguson

Now, well after Craig did the Doctor Who special, he had Karen Gillan on the show.

I especially love the satiny insides of her sleeves in this clip. Well, and how funny these two are. And. And. Karen is a fantastic actor. The awkward pause at the end of this clip is a work of art.

Here’s a Karen Gillan clip from well after the special, wherein Karen sings in the Gaelic and Craig has completely forgotten that she’s afraid of waves. Well that was more than a year ago; he can’t be expected to remember everything.

Scottish people yay! Looking forward to meeting lots more on my trip this summer.

Craig Ferguson’s Doctor Who Special

This post is dedicated to Johnny, my new husband and huge Craig Ferguson fan. I’m not up in the wee hours generally and I don’t usually have television, so I hadn’t encountered Craig before. This is a delightful fellow! And Craig, as his fans know, is a huge Doctor Who fan. Well, one day he did a Doctor Who special, and it started like this …

Only it didn’t. This opening got the administrative kibosh only minutes before airtime, so it actually started like this …

The next clip is the way I found out about the special. I was getting the links for yesterday’s post about the long, long scarf, and saw that the Witty Little Knitter has a link to this clip wherein Chris Hardwick of Nerdist is wearing one of her scarves.

This next one I had actually seen before but I didn’t know at the time anything about who Craig is.

In this bit about attending the show, I think what he’s doing to the Dalek might be prohibited by law.

And then it closes like this. Craig just can’t let it go.

This isn’t the end of Doctor Who stuff on the show; I don’t think it is even the beginning, just the most of it. Tomorrow we’ll look at Karen Gillan’s appearances.

And now I’ll be spending the rest of the evening watching Craig Ferguson clips. Because he’s just so damn funny.