How to Watch Classic Doctor Who

Here’s quite a useful video explaining the format and pacing differences between modern and classic Doctor Who, and some options for getting more enjoyment out of the classic series.

The alternating storyline method may sound a bit confusing, but this is how I watched The Aztecs, Spearhead from Space, and Pyramids of Mars right after they became available at Amazon. I watched the first episode of each, then the second episode of each, etc. This gives the cliffhangers time to steep in. You’d think it’d be confusing, but it really isn’t any more confusing than watching three separate sitcoms on any given weeknight, as the differences between the storylines are great enough to keep them separated.

Domesticating the Doctor

Usually this sort of thing gives me a hideous case of the tl;dr (Google it if you need to) but I’m finding this set of posts at Doctor Her fascinating. I tripped over them looking for pictures of The Aztecs and one thing led to another …

Domesticating the Doctor I: Cocoa, Test-tubes and the Classic Years

Domesticating the Doctor II: The Missus, the Ex and the Mothers-in-Law

Domesticating the Doctor 2.5 – John Smith’s Human Nature

Domesticating the Doctor III: Marrying the Ponds

New Doctor Who Timeline Infographic

Merry Christmas!!! Can’t wait for that Christmas special. Can you? Wow, if tumblr is any indication, millions of people got terrific Doctor Who swag for Christmas.

This is fantastic! Lovely thumbnail sketch of the history of the show with handy facts. Click for the full graphic. A bit big and long, but that’s because it’s mostly bar graph.

Click for full graphicI got it from gash26 who got it from, where they have all the episode titles listed as well.

A Brief History of Time (Travel)

While doing a Google image search, I tripped over this delightful and incredibly handy guide to Doctor Who and spin-offs Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures, A Brief History of Time (Travel). I’m bowled over.

It’s all there, from vignettes of the Doctor’s various forms to sketches of his companions to notes on production teams and historical markers. Yet it’s in bite-size easily nibbleable bits with thumbnail images and links to much more in-depth material. So it’s lots, but not overwhelming.

Here are a couple more peeks. Click through to the site itself.

Episode details.

Character and episode summaries.

Quick aside – the summary page for Tenth Doctor Season Twenty-Nine (aka Series Three) has this to say about Jack’s presence in Utopia:

Hearing the TARDIS materialising in Cardiff, Jack forcibly rejoins the Doctor in his travels.

Heh, “forcibly rejoins” made me LOL. That sounds exactly like Jack.

Costume T-Shirt Update

Forbidden Planet have added two more T-shirts to their Doctor Costume T-Shirt Set. The only one missing now is 9th. That’s going to be a bit hard, I bet, given the color scheme.

2nd Doctor Costume T-Shirt

8th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

I can’t recommend the 8th Doctor shirt just yet though. As you may notice, the coat is really green. This isn’t right, unless it’s to do with the Big Finish audio dramas or something. Course I misremembered it as brown. I’ve just gone through the gallery for the TV movie and it seems to be variously charcoal, black, and some kind of deep evergreen. Here’s the greenest image I found:

Most of them look more like this:


So until this product is tweaked up, I can’t recommend it. Same goes for the 3rd Doctor’s Costume T-Shirt.  The color just seems off.

The others are splendid and I can’t wait to have one of each. See the rest of them here.

Tidy, Tidy

Doing lots of housekeeping in the gallery today. Labeling albums with what resolution the images within are. Setting up albums for the screencaps I haven’t got yet, to make it that much faster. Cleaning up the queues to remove episodes that have been capped. Tagging albums that contain images that are going to be replaced soon.

Here’s some very interesting info I found while trying to decide what classic series adventures to screencap after I’m done with Trial of a Time Lord. Answers my question! And a great many more besides.

Doctor Who Infographic