Peek at New Interior

The fandom-verse is vibrating. Via many multiples of sources comes this image of the alleged new TARDIS interior to be revealed in the Christmas special:

I don’t like it.

That’s not accurate. I do like it. I don’t like it on the TARDIS. I’m wildly in love with the copper and hex part-steampunk interior as it is now. Am not at all ready to kiss it goodbye, not in the least. I am Miss Pouty-Face about the very idea of replacing it yet, long, long before I’m tired of it.

New Snowmen Trailer?

I am not very gruntled at all at the moment. My twitter feeds are telling me that there is a new Snowmen trailer right here with more details but 1) I can’t get it to play and 2) I can’t find it anywhere else, particularly not on youtube nor BBC America’s site.

Update: Turns out this is the trailer they meant – not a Doctor Who trailer but a Christmas trailer about all of the BBC’s offerings this year.

Mixed feelings about the snogging. Must there always be snogging? I like snogging but I’d like my Doctor to be a teensy bit harder to get.

Now for something completely different, balloon TARDIS.

Complete (NuWho) Doctor Who Christmas

Here’s a handy cheat-sheet for anyone wanting all the Christmas specials of the current series. Each linked to its Amazon page:

Well, if we want to be completely complete, The Unquiet Dead is a Christmas episode as well, but it aired in April and without Christmas brouhaha. The holiday just gets a mention at the beginning and end of the episode. Then again, Charles Dickens does feature.