Big Finish and the Love of Eight

There’s quite a lot of discussion about Big Finish audio right now in /r/gallifrey which I suspect was spawned by the sale recently announced. Of course, novels and audio are the only ways to get to know the Eighth Doctor beyond the TV movie, so fans kind of gravitate toward him. I do, anyway. This thread is just full of the love of Eight, with some of the postings rather moving and poetic. Apparently these series bring more depth to the character and chart his progression from childlike wonder through all the phases of development that lead him to the Time War and result in Nine. I’m interested in how passionately these people love their Doctor and wonder if I might feel the same, should I get anything like this kind of exposure to him. It’s only likely to happen if Big Finish’s audio sale experiment turns out to bear lovely fruit and make this a venture I can financially manage.

Some folks just starting as I am down the audio path are asking what order to experience them in (in this post and in comments in other posts) and there’s good advice to be had, especially as I hear that Big Finish’s site is rather hard to navigate to get the right order for continuity. Huge thanks to brauchen for supplying this lovely list to help. Courtesy Wikipedia, here’s another helpful list.

Big Finish Doctor Who Sale

Via TheShader on reddit, Big Finish are having a sale to experiment with pricing and volume.

I am generally unable to afford Big Finish media so this is a bit exciting for me. And although the exchange rate is not one-for-one, I am able to get both of the Voyage recordings via download on pre-order for a dollar apiece. I’m afraid they won’t be delivered until November for Venus and December for New World, but that’s still a nice thing.

What I really want from Big Finish is everything Eighth Doctor, but that’ll cost a mint and therefore isn’t likely to happen. I did get Blood of the Daleks Part 1 and Part 2. It’s supposed to be a nice place to start. I’ve already finished part 1 and confess that I do like it. There may even be a review later. If I really love it, I may spring for the Dark Eyes package, which I can also get in November if I pre-order for $20 USD.

Memory, Webcasts, and Animations

Something’s been nagging me since the first time I saw Closing Time, since I saw this moment right after the Doctor finds the Cybermen spaceship. I’ve seen this silhouette or something like it before, and I think it was in Scream of the Shalka, a Flash animation done in the dry years before RTD, and therefore starring Richard E. Grant as the ninth Doctor rather than Christopher Eccleston.

I could be wrong. Frequently am. But it’s a good excuse to watch Scream of the Shalka after work today.

Doctor Who Webcasts also includes Shada, which has some production history behind it, for the more geeky sort of fan who cares about that sort of thing (and sometimes I do), as well as Real Time, which I don’t remember seeing here before. It’s got Colin Baker, so I may have inadvertently blocked it from memory. Shada, however, contains Paul McGann who via Big Finish audio plays featured heavily through the dry years and, I hear, holds tenure as the longest running Doctor. Interesting if true. Although Big Finish isn’t canon so maybe it doesn’t count.

Since we’re talking animations, thought I might include links to Dreamland and The Infinite Quest, two Tenth Doctor stories made available for CBBC, but neither is available there any longer. The linksĀ precedingĀ give a bit of info about them for the curious, and maybe they’re DVD extras somewhere or otherwise obtainable. Although in the case of Dreamland, when I had it, I preferred to listen to it with the video off. It wasn’t pleasant to look at. By the way, The Infinite Quest has Anthony Stewart Head! If you don’t know any of his other work, you still might remember him as the headmaster in School Reunion.