Rory Deaths

Rory != the dead one

People make a big fuss out of how often Rory dies. Even Steve Silent (or was it Jimmy Big Hands?) gives Captain Williams a hard time about it in The Wedding of River Song. But Amy dies almost as often.

  • Amy’s Choice – everyone “dies” twice. Rory just dies first and unintentionally. Quotes for dream deaths.
  • Cold Blood – Rory dies and gets de-existed.
  • The Pandorica Opens – Amy dies.
  • Day of the Moon – Both Rory and Amy “die”. Quotes for hoax death.
  • The Curse of the Black Spot – Rory dies.
  • The Doctor’s Wife – Rory “dies”. Quotes for hallucinatory death.
  • The Girl Who Waited – one of the Amys dies and gets de-existed.

So that’s Rory only outdying Amy 5 to 4 plus one de-existence apiece. That’s really not such a big margin.

Still tallying Rory deaths though. Because it’s fun.

Why I Love This Picture: The Almost People

There are two ways that I choose these, depending on why I’m posting. Method 1 involves catching sight of my random desktop and feeling moved to post what’s there. Method 2 involves feeling like posting an image, so I hit up the gallery and look at the random image in the menu to the left. Fascinating, right? I know.

This is Method 1.

For one thing, Rory and Amy (okay Arthur and Karen) are just beautiful people. It’s hard not to continually snap pics of them. Here there’s also pain, worry, and disbelief. Skinny Amy’s having contractions. She’s going into labor, and these two haven’t quite worked out how that can be, just yet. Things are about to get scary and sad.

Really Good Desktop For The Girl Who Waited

In one of those rare amazing moments, the BBC website has actually given us a nice desktop image to download. I got into this project being dissatisfied with the official desktops, but “The Girl Who Waited” looks really good to me. “Amy Takes A Closer Look” isn’t half bad either.

Also, some spoiler-free teasers for the episode.

Edit: Sorry I flubbed the link to where the image is. Fixed now.