My Quilt is Finished!

Nearly all my favorite T-shirts have succumbed to tears, holes, stains, shrinkage (or in the case of my body, growth) but I couldn’t stand to give or throw them away. I’d read in a story about someone who made a quilt of all their favorite concert T-shirts, so I started thinking about how I could do the same with my own favorites.

As of last night, it’s finished. I present my quilt of favorite T-shirts. As you can see, most are (were) Doctor Who in nature.

quiltIt’s chock full of errors. I am no sort of seamstress at all. But it’s warm and relatively durable and it delights my eye. So there.

Each T-shirt rectangle is backed with broadcloth or duck cloth, whichever scrap I had on hand that would fit. All the pieces were then sewn into larger rectangles of approximately the same size, which were then joined into strips, which were then joined side by side. Differences in rectangle size were made up with sections of blank T-shirt also on broadcloth/duck cloth. Some rectangles are made of my favorite sleeves – I like to scavenge fun sleeves off knit tops and sew them into my T-shirt sleeves. The stripey ones especially.

After the whole top was finished, I scavenged a comforter from the thrift store and cut it to size to be the bottom layer of the quilt. Then folding quilt tape all around the edges. Since the batting is already contained in the comforter layer, it won’t bunch up in the quilt. I may later do a few stitches to anchor the top more securely to the bottom.