The Time of the Doctor (Christmas Special)

Matt_Smith_regenerates_into_Peter_Capaldi_in_Doctor_Who_Christmas_special_2013Well, how about that? Spoilers …

Overall: I approve. Good story, new concepts, old enemies, loose threads tied off, resolution, resolution, resolution. And some crying.

Arbitrary thoughts:

  • Does he have to get sexual with every psychopath? Or does every psychopath have to get sexual with him?
  • Nice to know we are reinforcing the psychopaths can be good guys idea.
  • In the presence of a truth field he says both, “I have a plan,” and “I don’t have a plan,” without any difficulty at all. Meaning that neither was a lie. Ponder that for awhile.
  • Kidneys! The list is now ears, teeth, legs, kidneys. Of course, still not ginger.
  • I don’t like Tasha Lem. I don’t know why. I get the feeling I’m supposed to sympathize but I don’t.
  • Something feels off about the Clergy. Maybe it’s the collars of their uniforms or the women with big sticks in their hair. I don’t know.
  • Do like the Mainframe though.
  • Okay so now just anybody can be a TARDIS pilot?
  • Not really pleased with the aging makeup. Not as convincing as it could have been.
  • Love, love, love Handles! Love Handles! Ha!
  • Wooden Cyberman. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • I don’t like when hundreds of years pass in a snap, subjectively. It’s hard to convey the feeling of time gone by, and it doesn’t really work in this instance. Torchwood had that problem too.
  • Holographic clothes. I could dig that.
  • Wow, the actual face-changey bit was really fast this time. I guess it counts as ripping the bandage off.
  • Ears like rocket fins. And he’s pleased about them. That’s cute. The baldiness, not so much.

I’m completely enjoying the post-episode thread in reddit.