The Day of the Doctor


I didn’t write anything about The Day of the Doctor for the first few days after it aired to give everyone a chance to see it before posting spoilers. I’m still disinclined because it feels to me that people should meet it fresh, with as few expectations as possible, to get whatever they’re going to get from it themselves.

That said, the fandom is likely overrun with reviews and criticisms. I don’t have to join it though.┬áBut since people have been asking me …

I love it.

For me, it wasn’t an over-the-top squee-fest, but it delivered a solid storyline (not loophole-free, but what ever is?) with a resolution that left my eyes shining and wet. The Doctor has made himself a victim of his own self-loathing long before Gallifrey fell, so what now? What might he grow to be? May he finally earn his own respect?

I don’t know, but the themes of absolution and redemption speak to me powerfully. Not just making amends for an egregious sin but being able to undo the sin itself entirely – that’s a big deal.