Same Gun? No Banana!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing makes me think of love quite like River Song. Unless it’s Jack Harkness. Maybe love isn’t quite the right word.

Earlier this week news was released that veteran prop-maker Nick Robatto would soon be making available officially licensed replicas via his new company Rubbertoe Replicas. These include Dalek death rays and nice smooth Shakri cubes. Since then, I’ve been looking at Jack’s sonic blaster (known colloquially as a squareness gun) and River’s squareness gun (not at all referred to as a sonic blaster). Forum lore has it that both guns are one and the same, that Jack leaves his behind on the TARDIS where River subsequently finds and appropriates it.


Jack’s Sonic Blaster – Series 1 – The Doctor Dances


River’s Squareness Gun – Series 4 – Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

Turns out forum lore is right. The product description mentions that Moffat confirmed the postulation and once I started looking for it, the quote was easy to find, as it comes from the commentary to Forest of the Dead. River’s since customized it, which is no surprise.

Shame I’m not just made out of money, though. These are about 370 pounds a pop. Right this second that means about 580 US bucks. Yowie! They do offer more affordable items. Onward to Rubbertoe Replicas.

What else do Jack Harkness and River Song have in common, besides a vortex manipulator? Both have been victim of a swap-the-gun-for-a-banana gag.