Screencaps for A Town Called Mercy


Screencaps for A Town Called Mercy are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, a mad scientist. Arguably, also the cyborg he created.
Emotional Wank: 6 out of 10 for guilt, judgment, revenge, self-righteousness, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Intended Destination: Mexico, for the Day of the Dead festival.
Actual Destination: Mercy, Nevada 1870.

More info about A Town Called Mercy in the TARDIS Index File.


  • The Gunslinger’s got onboard teleport. That’s rather impressive – imagine the miniaturization  Sure, it’s short-range teleport. Ridiculously short-range, looks like. Still, that’s a hell of an advantage in combat. Then again, I’ve just watched the Utopia episodes again; Jack’s vortex manipulator is small enough and does teleportation, so maybe I shouldn’t be so impressed.
  • “… everything but the nerve to do what needs to be done.” Jex sniffs out the Doctor’s guilt but doesn’t seem to know that the Doctor did indeed have that nerve, and did it, and paid the price. He’s well, well beyond where Jex is now, and that’s why he was hoping to refuse to hand him over. Or maybe Jex does know he has the nerve. The Doctor is not very actively refusing to hand him over; Amy is. But Jex doesn’t address Amy. He addresses the weak link.
  • Amy’s stand. This is what a companion is for. Donna says it in The Runaway Bride – he needs someone to stop him. This is why I believe that in The God Complex, his greatest fear is himself, his own wrath. His greatest faith is his companion. In The Curse of Fenric, he taps his faith to drive off the haemovores by reciting the names of his companions. I wonder if being human is part of that. Most of his companions, arguably the best of them, have been human. What a thought: the Doctor has faith in us. He says it to Craig in Closing Time – all his life, he’s believed in all of us, always. I don’t think he is just saying things to save the day. I think he means it. He has faith in us.
  • I wonder why the writer made Isaac a marshal. marshals are Federal. I wouldn’t guess you can temporarily pass on the office of marshal the way you can for sheriff. It’s not a locally elected position the way sheriff is. It’s Federal, and I think it’s appointed.
  • “We all carry our prisons with us.” This is what Jex says that gives the Doctor his idea for what comes next. I don’t quite get it. I feel like they’re going to capitalize on whatever Kahler Tek’s internal prison is. Maybe it’s whatever stops him from killing all the people in the church, even though he promised he would kill everyone. But then how does the bait-and-switch play into that? I don’t know.
  • I just realized that’s a gallows they’ve got in the middle of town. A permanent gallows. What the hell kind of town is this? Doesn’t look like a town of second chances to me.
  • That smoke plume behind the building is way, way too close. That bugs the snot out of me.

Raw Caps: 1010
Finished Caps: 293

Capping Notes

  • Another of those visually stunning episodes where I want to get just everything.
  • Also, lots of action and quickly changing scenes which means lots of attempts.
  • The below image upsets me. I’ll keep it, but not in my screensaver. I don’t want it taking me by surprise. While weeding out this batch of images, encountering this one choked me up suddenly  It’s too frightening, because this is the Doctor and look at what state he’s in.

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