Screencaps for The Snowmen

Screencaps for The Snowmen are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, many vicious snowmen, a lady made of ice, and a wicked, wicked human.
Emotional Wank: 7 out of 10 for love and loss and wallowing in self-pity, and the emotional investment involved in handing over a TARDIS key.

Intended Destination: none – retired in England, 1892
Actual Destination: England 1892

More info about The Snowmen in the TARDIS Index File.


Raw Caps: 2666
Finished Caps: 562

Capping Notes

  • Two thousand six hundred sixty six! Holy cow, I’ve never taken so many caps from any episode ever! Am I insane? I might be insane. That’s HOURS of culling time.
  • I still didn’t get every image I wanted. Too much motion, as usual. Also this is a longer than usual episode. But really, stunning visuals throughout.