Screencaps for Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

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Screencaps for Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, one homicidal maniac Time Lord and six billion Toclafane, flying spheres of death.
Emotional Wank: 7 out of 10 for finding and losing again another member of your lost race.

Intended Destination: present-day Cardiff, then some other point not given.
Actual Destination: present-day Cardiff, the end of the Universe trillions of years in the future, then present-day London.

More info about Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords in the TARDIS Index File.

Questions, Comments, Speculation


  • I so very much like Professor Yana. I also sympathize so much with his condition. Has to be rough to be a mystery to yourself and plagued by the sound of drums.
  • Seems odd for Chantho to ask whether he is okay. If he’s been having drum attacks all his life, surely she should be used to them by now, having assisted him for so long.
  • Do not like the whole overblown Doctor admiration society scene. It’s just laid on so thick.
  • When the Professor says the signal about Utopia came out across the stars, then stars must have still existed until rather recently, yes?
  • We find out much later that the Time Lords knew that the Master was afflicted with the sound of drums. I think Davies might not have planned out that far when he did this episode, else you would think the Doctor would find it interesting that Yana has the same condition.
  • Love how Martha corrupts innocent Chantho. Wicked, wicked, wicked!
  • I like to think of the Futurekind as what happens to us when we let our resentments take over, reducing us to hate and rage. There’s a spiritual idea in there.
  • Jack and the Doctor running through the silo – it’s the Flapping Coat Squad!
  • I feel bad for the Futurekind, shut out and alone and then left behind. I feel bad for them despite their nature.

The Sound of Drums

  • John Simm plays a camp Master, no doubt about it. But it’s a different sort of camp than his predecessors. This guy is zany. I can’t help but like him even though I hate him. He’s charismatic in a way the Master never was before.
  • The phone conversation with the Doctor is terribly intimate, isn’t it? It’s almost erotic, or perhaps romantic – hard to say.
  • When the Master asks the Doctor how it felt to destroy the two mightiest civilizations, I could swear he’s getting personally aroused.
  • Love Jack’s look at mention of a secret brother. Ha!
  • Jelly babies FTW!
  • 3 AM in the morning! Even US news organizations are not quite that stupid, are they?
  • President-elect. Really poor writing, or lack of basic research. Sloppy.
  • Nice how all the guns come out after all the armed people were supposed to have left.
  • Never have liked the fast motion effect of aging the Doctor. Or the aging itself for that matter. And it confuses me that aged Doctor doesn’t resembe would-have-been aged Doctor in The Family of Blood.

The Last of the Time Lords

  • Dobby Doctor. Gollum Doctor. We hatessssss it. I wanted to skewer Davies first time I saw it.
  • The Master wants a new Gallifrey. Who does he plan to people it with? Will he be cloning himself? Maybe he can get one of those hand-scraping progenation machines like in The Doctor’s Daughter.
  • If the Master could do Gallifrey all over again, what’s stopping the Doctor from doing so? Maybe it’s fear that it will end in time war again, whatever he does to try to prevent it.
  • Poor Lucy is definitely on something. Possibly several somethings. What a wreck! I’m captivated by her face, devestated but numbed as much as possible short of a coma.
  • I love Docherty’s workshop. I want a workshop like that!
  • It’s a measure of the evil here that the Utopians/Toclafane didn’t come back to this time and colonize some uninhabited planet, but instead to murder their ancestors. If they’d had peaceful intentions, a paradox machine wouldn’t have been necessary. Was it their own evil, or did the Master corrupt them for use in his own war of conquest?
  • The Doctor didn’t have time to describe the whole scheme of the four-chemical weapon as he’s sending Martha off. This has to be her plan, or one developed with others. What sort of ruse would the Master believe? A weapon! Oh yes he would.
  • I love how kind Martha is to Docherty, knowing her position, knowing what will have to happen. See, this is one reason I love this show. Not only does the Doctor reflect the sort of being I’d like to be, but the people he surrounds himself with do, too, either on their own or inspired by him. That’s a continually beautiful thing about the series.
  • I love that Leo remains at large through this whole thing. At least I hope he does. Hope he’s not dead.
  • Ugh. Overuse of the shaheen sound. It’s not a sword, it’s a screwdriver. That bugged me in The Power of Three too – since when do syringes go shaheen?
  • Time reversing = lots of wind. Outdoors and in. Yeah.
  • What about the Toclafane who were popping in here and there before the paradox machine was built? They can’t do that again after it’s destroyed? How were they doing that?
  • “You’re just gonna keep me?” There’s a series of stories where the Doctor does just that, a couple of lifetimes previously, before the Time War. The Master, having used up all his lifetimes and stolen several more, winds up in an android body, imprisoned aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor’s unwilling companion. Some of his evilness starts to wear away. It’s rather nice, from our point of view. If that were canon, I can imagine the horror at realizing it might just happen again.
  • I didn’t know before this that it was possible to refuse regeneration.
  • Foolish Doctor. Don’t you know you should always stir the ashes after an evil being is burned?
  • Jack. Is. Not. The Face of Boe. He knows who the Face of Boe is; he’s having them on. Or maybe he was called the Face of Boe as a joke, that works too. But he is not the Last of Boekind. Ridiculous.
  • Martha’s parents holding hands. Guess that year made a big difference. I wondered while they were imprisoned if they started over agaih. Poor Analise, though.
  • Glad Martha’s mum knows the Doctor is a good guy now, but what a hell of a way to find it out. Martha’s right, her family is going to need tons of therapy, especially her mum. She probably blames herself for all of it.

Raw Caps: 599 / 844 / 634
Finished Caps: 269 / 320 / 247

Capping Notes

  • Ridiculously difficult to cap Jack running.
  • Cannot get enough of Martha’s face. I could look at her all day. In fact, I might.
  • My Amazon copy of The Last of the Time Lords is missing three parts I can recall. I have heard that these scenes are missing on the iTunes version as well. Why?
    • The Scissor Sisters musical bit.
    • Martha looking for Tom Milligan after it’s all over.
    • Her giving Professor Docherty some flowers.