List Of Doctor Who Episodes Where Emotion Saves The Day

bracewellI’ve been out sick for a couple of days, but I’m back to find that By Strategy posted this List Of Doctor Who Episodes Where Emotion Saves The Day (Spoilers). (By the way, the spoilers include the recently aired Christmas special.) Strategy says that these indicate lazy writing. I don’t think so.

To me they look like Moffat is making a point, and he wouldn’t be the first showrunner to pick a point and make it over and over again. Just look. The point is: emotion is a good thing.

If you pay attention, you’ll catch him also making the point that it’s not good to let emotions run amok. I should probably make a list, but one immediate example is the Doctor’s fury in A Good Man Goes to War, what Vastra has to say about it and where it leads.

Moffat comes from a culture where people stuff their feelings and praise intellect. I come from a culture where, arguably, the reverse is the case. I think Moffat’s trying to show how these extremes are not good, that we need to value our aspects and balance them.

What do you think?