First Watch: The Snowmen


Some thoughts:

  • Don’t like most of the opening title sequence. Sorry. I like some of the bits of it. Don’t like putting Matt Smith’s head in it. Don’t like the melty blobby wax 1970 effect. Don’t like the tweedlee synthesizer bits of the music. Don’t like the sliding-down-the-scale bits of the music, either, especially as they’re in tweedlee synthesizer. The whole flavor is, “Let’s give up on the cinematic feel we’ve been moving toward and make this whole thing small-screen and cheesy again.”
  • Do like the closing credits sequence very much. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s worth saying.
  • Don’t hate the TARDIS interior. Still not my favorite, but I’m not seething with disgust or anything. Serviceable. Workable. A bit fun. The coppery one is still the best ever in history, hands down. Thank you, designer, for not making all the controls gleaming and homogeneous. That would have been terrible.
  • This is not a very standalone episode. I recently introduced a non-Whovian friend to Doctor Who using Christmas as a gateway by showing him A Christmas Carol, which was brilliant in nearly every way. This totally works. The Snowmen is far too arc-ish and referential for this and would probably confuse the heck out of my not-we friends.

Edit to add: I don’t want to like Clara too much, but I do. So there. Putting this in the non-spoiler section because everyone knows there’s a Clara and if they don’t, I can’t help it. It’s been blared from the rooftops for months now.

Spoilery aspects:

  • Why does saving the world involve getting a haircut? I liked his other hair.
  • Still like the hat very much love the hat.
  • Not keen on how much abuse the Doctor heaps on Strax. Commander Strax got much more grown-up treatment in A Good Man Goes to War, and I liked that. I mean he’s at least twelve years old by now and a highly competent nurse, why belittle him just because he’s battle-oriented and has a bit of difficulty with alien genders?
  • Barmaid-governess? Really? What for?
  • Bit uncomfortable with the squishy romantic stuff. I know, he and River probably see other people; well, okay River probably does. Even so, I like my Doctor just a bit harder to get.
  • I like all the adaptations of technology to Victorian times.
  • Really like the spiral staircase a lot, especially that it’s longer on the inside.
  • Pretty hasty with that key, aren’t we, Mister Doctor? I don’t like it.
  • I kind of like that we don’t know what friend brought Strax back after Demon’s Run, or how.
  • The phone doesn’t go ring-ring, British style. It just goes ring, like in the US. Interesting.
  • I do like that there’s a mystery around Oswin. Would have preferred that the mystery be introduced in 7.2 instead of the Christmas special, which gets watched by a lot of non-fans wondering what their fan friends are up to.
  • I do like all the comedy around the memory worm.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. There may be more whenever I post the caps.

Merry Christmas!