New Interior Revealed

The BBC have released this image of the new TARDIS interior:

new interiorNow I can definitively say:


Update: here’s a BBC retrospective of TARDIS interiors and here’s a clip from the very first peek at it in An Unearthly Child.

Below the jump are TARDIS interiors I do like, in order of most to least.


1. This is my favorite interior of all time. Not only does it involve my favorite color, but it’s so multi-level. It’s a harmonious salad of shapes and colors. The instruments on the console are fantastically eclectic. Love the glass floor and all the cables dangling beneath. Love the copper. There is not one thing about this interior that I don’t like. I mean, look at this underneath here! That’s awesome!

2. Next is the 7th and 8th Doctor’s interior for the TV movie, sometimes hailed as the one that opened minds about what a TARDIS console room could be.

Plus it looks pretty cozy.

3. I don’t know why they hardly ever used this interior. It’s gorgeous but only makes a few appearances. It’s the secondary control room during the 4th Doctor’s run.


Secondary_TARDIS_Console_Room4. Here’s the 9th and 10th Doctor’s under-the-sea motif. I didn’t like it when it was lit in green all over, but when it was lit white or orange, it was rather nice.

DoctorsTARDIS-NinthVery much liked the wardrobe, but sadly, we only get to see it once.

TARDIS_Interior_The_Christmas_InvasionAnd that’s it. The rest were variations on this theme. The below is actually a 3D model, as proper photographs are a bit hard to come by.

1985roomLots of variations. Sometimes there was a screen, sometimes not. Sometimes a few, all, or none of the roundels were lit and translucent. Sometimes the right-hand door to the deeps of the TARDIS was zig-zaggy around the edges. More variations still.

When I was a kid, I didn’t mind this interior. It was all I knew at the time, but I didn’t know then that the TARDIS was meant to be alive. Sure, the Doctor said something to that effect once or twice, but a clinical control room conveys nothing of aliveness, and aliveness is what I want in a time and space machine.

The new interior hearkens back to a time when a console room was small, confined, and looked as though it ought to smell of antiseptic. I hope I’m wrong. I hope when we get a proper look, the above part will be just a tiny part to a much more magnificent whole. I hope.